silver thimbles for sale - henry griffith & sons

Sterling silver & Dreema thimbles produced by Henry Griffith & Sons


Henry Griffith is another of England's great thimble makers during the Victorian era. He registered his maker's mark in Birmingham in October 1856 & the company ceased making thimbles in 1955. From 1873 his thimbles are marked "HG&S", but the earliest hallmarked Griffith thimble that has passed thru my hands, is dated 1875 and the latest is for 1953, the coronation thimble.


As Charles Horner's Dorcas thimbles had been such a commercial success, Griffith introduced his own equivalent - the Dreema thimbles.

Griffith is the maker of most English placename thimbles from 1929-1931 & The Spa & Royal Spa thimbles.

He is one of the few silversmiths who marked some of his thimbles only with 'Sterling Silver' instead of having them hallmarked.


His thimble sizing ranges from 9-20 [smallest to largest] - the sizing is in millimetres; the only Victorian English silversmith to do so. Some of his thimbles are only marked "Made in England" without his maker's mark, but when the accompanying size mark is within the Griffith's thimble size range, they can only be HG&S thimbles.


He is often erroneously referred to as Henry Griffiths


Norma Spicer's book Henry Griffith & Sons of Birmingham & Leamington Spa is a must for collectors of HG&S thimbles




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