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Sterling silver thimbles produced by James Fenton


James Fenton of Birmingham was one of England's top silver thimble makers during the Victorian era


His maker's marks "JF" were first registered in 1852 at the Birmingham Assay Office until 1911 & he ceased making thimbles in 1922, tho I have had thimbles with his mark assayed as late as 1925. He began to place the size marks on his thimbles from as early as 1892, tho not all made this early, bear size marks [I have seen one sized, with an 1888 assay date]. The earliest JF thimble I have encountered has an 1886 assay date mark.


The higher the size number, the larger the thimble size is - for James Fenton thimbles.


The smallest-sized Fenton thimble I have had for sale is size 6 [about 13mm], with the largest being size 14 [17mm]. Do you have a larger or smaller one? Andy has a size 4, dated 1906 and it's seen use. There are however several smaller unsized thimbles - made by Fenton for use by children or "dolls", with the smallest diameter being 9mm.


James Fenton has a huge range of designs & this makes him an interesting silversmith to collect.


Norma Spicer's book James Fenton: silversmith & thimble maker etc is a must for collectors of Fenton thimbles


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