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Sterling silver thimbles from Australia & around the world

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Have you found a sterling silver thimble yet with your birth year? There may be one waiting here for you to purchase.


Most of these thimbles are hallmarked, so when there is a description of an assay office plus a date, the date is guaranteed.


Please remember that only thimbles with a hallmark before 1918 are antiques - ie over 100 years old. Silver thimbles were melted down during WWI, so the number is a diminishing resource.


With the sheer volume of thimbles I have had for sale, I have not always been able to show any damage in the photos. I concentrate on showing the hallmarks, so please ask for further photos of any damage you would like to inspect, before placing an order. The "out of round" description means the thimble is now finger-shaped.


This listing includes steel-cored sterling silver thimbles.

The thimbles are arranged by the last name of the silversmith and within each by the hallmark dates.


Any pre-1884 thimbles have a similar feathery patterned band [also known as wriggle-work]. This is the most typical design for this period. It was only after 1884 that British sterling silver thimbles needed to be hallmarked and after this date, this patterning seemed to be used less often.


Many of the European silver thimbles are made of a lesser quality of silver [eg .800 or .830 or even .935 parts of 1000]. I have indicated where the thimble is marked with a mark indicating the percentage of silver used, that is different from sterling silver [925/1000].


Dark marks on thimble photos are most often just reflections during photography.

Have you noticed that there are fewer and fewer modern British thimble being created? To me it heralds the end of the sterling silver thimble industry in the United Kingdom! Collect some for your collection now before it is too late - they are our antiques of the future.


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