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I am often asked about thimble and needlework tool books: which ones to buy or where to purchase them. Being a librarian and being passionate about books, it is easy for me. I try to obtain a copy of each relevant title as it is published!


Most of the books listed below are out of print, so you will have to look for those that interest you thru the second-hand market, which includes eBay. Where I know the books are still in print, I have listed them as such, with an address or email link where one is known and the ISBN [international standard book number which uniquely identifies each book]. Using this ISBN is the quickest in any search on the internet, if you are looking to buy.


I have been a member of Thimble Collectors International (TCI) since 1986 and as part of their annual membership, up to 2002, I received a booklet published by their Grants Committee. It will be difficult to obtain these now, except from TCI members who are selling their booklets.


The ideal book has to have a good balance between photographs/illustrations and the text. In my opinion tho, one can never under-estimate the value of photographs as this is the link when you have an unidentified thimble - once you have found a matching photo you can then chase further information! Price guides are useful as a guide, but date the book so quickly.


Auction catalogues have become collectable in their own right, as well as being the benchmark in prices. There were accompanying coloured advertising postcards for most of these catalogues in the 1990s. It is a while now since paper copies of auction catalogues have been produced - all are now produced electronically.


I have opted not to include the published prices as these vary so from country to country. ** indicates that the original published price was in excess of AU$100.


It would be great to hear of any further books or where they can be obtained if they are still in print. A website link would be useful, as well as the ISBN. If there is no picture, maybe you could send the scanned cover, where there are blank spaces in this listing.


The opinions are mine alone.



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Thimble books and other references



This listing of Thimble Books and other references does not purport to be complete or accurate in all aspects.

Rather it invites comment and contribution to add to our knowledge.

My thanks to the contributors.




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