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Learn More About Thimbles

Having had a book on thimbles published in the 1990s, I know how difficult it was to have unlimited photos included to illustrate the text, especially those in colour.

With the ease of the internet, it is now straightforward for me to add as many photos as needed and to supplement them with my

non-scholarly text as a means of sharing thimble information.


These topics bring together all the current information on specific thimble topics on one site.

My aim is to make it the best repository of thimble information with photos, for the thimble topics I have chosen over the last 30 years.

I have had heaps of help from experts in the thimble field and the information and photographs are all laid out here in PDF format for your use. Any errors are mine alone.

The areas of my research are fairly specific and are not covered in any depth in the published thimble literature.

I have chosen thematic collections as well as thimble brands and specific makers.


Most thimble collectors do not have enough of one category of thimble to make comparisons and thus learn more from their own thimbles. Now you have a source or yardstick to compare with, those thimbles from your own collection.

This should make you a better informed and observant collector.


A total of 93 different thimble topics for you to browse and maybe to contribute. 

New topic: Marsh Arab thimbles

Click on the accompanying photo to learn more about each topic.

love Sue

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