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world's greatest porcelain houses

The August 1980 Franklin Mint "Thimbles of the Worlds' Porcelain Houses" set has proved to be a very popular set with collectors. Nearly 30 years after its release, this set is still marks the beginning of the collectable thimbles interest. It covered most of the thimble china and porcelain brands of England and Europe of the time. With the popularity of the Franklin Mint set, many of these china houses first made thimbles for this set and went on to produce thimbles for the next 10-15 years. Lladro of Spain produced their only thimble for the set and the Noritake and Lladro thimbles are the most sought after of the set. The Lladro differs markedly from the rest of the set. It is of bisqueware and the Lladro maker's mark or backstamp is incorporated within the design of two children playing. Love it or hate it?


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