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 francesca and other character head thimbles

There has been an increase in interest in collecting thimbles where the shape is predominant. Most of these thimbles are not being produced nowadays, so it is very difficult to obtain a complete listing. This is the list to date, but I know it is possibly not complete. It only covers thimbles that are made from china and porcelain, and pewter. For completeness sake, I have included examples of all the head-shape thimbles known to me and these do not cover all figurals. These have come from various catalogues of the time, which is always a good source.. I presume Francesca pioneered this trend in thimbles.

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Francesca character head thimbles

This section is included for completeness. There seem to be far more of these brands around today on the second hand market. The fact that many of the characters are identical to those made by Francesca is interesting. Were they trying to cash in on the popularity of thimble collecting during the 1980s?

Other character head thimbles


Character head thimbles with no maker's marks

Pewter character head thimbles

In 2015 pewter character heads began to make their appearance for sale on eBay. Some have minor handpainting trims.


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